Scott Andree-Bowen


City Council


Leading Winston-Salem Forward

I will strive to fight for every citizen of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Too many of our neighbors are struggling to keep their head above water. Too many homes are out of reach for those who are looking to rise above poverty. I will work towards a Winston-Salem that moves in unison to a better future for all.  ​

I will strive to bring about better environmental changes for our community. Transitioning away from our dependence on local power companies that are polluting our waterways and raising our prices to pay for their mess. In a world that is getting warmer, we will find ways to not be a part of the problem, but a part of the solution.

I will strive to make local government more transparent, and allow the community to have a voice in the matter. 

Winston-Salem is the City of Art and Innovation. We are innovative in science and medicine. Let us also be innovative for the people.

About Scott

Scott grew up on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. After graduating from Wingate University in 2002, with a B.A. in Religious Studies, he moved to Winston-Salem.  He fell in love with the city and has been living in the Southwest Ward since 2005. He has been married to his wife Cindy since 2008. They have two children, Ollie and Sage. In 2012, Scott earned an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Carolina Graduate School of Theology. 

The Journey to Here

Scott is currently serving at a local church as the Director of Youth and Food Pantry Ministries. Prior to being full time in a church, Scott worked in the nonprofit/education field. He was a teacher for many years, teaching autistic children and as an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher in the WSFCS. He also worked at a local non-profit as an Educational Coordinator, guiding youth living in poverty through their high school and post-secondary lives. 

Scott is the Vice Chair of the Urban Food Policy Council. The UFPC is an advisory committee to the Winston-Salem City Council. Their focus is on food insecurity found within Winston-Salem. As Vice Chair, he has written policy recommendations to City Council for their review. 


Scott is also a part of Mayor Allen Joines Think Orange Campaign. He is the head of the Breakfast in Classroom Task Force. This team investigated the breakfast program in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System and how it can best impact the development of the children of Winston-Salem.